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what is your assessment or summary of Yahoo's global warming section in 2019? No blocks.  Question open to every body?

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    I find it really funny that a lot of people support Greta on environment section in Yahoo answers. Then they have these feeble Arguments for why the climate is changing and how we are all going to suffer. I'm sorry but Earth is always changing and the weather changes no matter what we're going to be doing. Trying to go green or do less to pollute is not going to help us now. There are more humans born each day and pollution is just at an all-time high. There are plenty of ideas out there for how we can help but unfortunately less humans are inclined to do so because they know that it will make no difference, and no matter what the weather will always change- no matter how much hot air those who say otherwise blow around. I also like the fact that there are individuals on here who call out those that are paid to post or "spread" fear and misinformation. BIG THANK YOU Horse and thank you Jim to name a few and to everyone else who agrees and supports those that correct and call out the alarmists. Its not hard to wake up and look outside or even to Google NASA live pictures of Earth and record your own data. A college professor I know has done so and has disproven that global warming or a climate crisis is happening from his own information of 20 years. He's simply states that weather changes and so does Earth's position in relativity to the Sun. There are other factors too but it is too much to post here although I think you get the general idea... 

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