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Is it possible to recover extremely old photos from an old device?

Is it possible for me to try and recover old deleted photos from 2-3 years ago off an old android tablet?

I have extremely personal photos that I have deleted on my old android tablet from 2-3 years ago. But it was only now that I feel like that I need those photos. Is it possible to recover it at this time, 2-3 years later?

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  • Pyrus
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    Such devices don't have a sense of time, so there is a way to recover your photos. Note that there may be some that are corrupted, but you CAN recover your photos. You need a software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The downside of this software is that you have to pay for it to recover your data, otherwise it will just scan it and will tell you that these are your lost data. It also has a 2 GB data recovery limit (the free version). I wouldn't suggest this aloud, but in dire situations, I would suggest that you get a pirate version of the software if you can. Just make sure of where you are looking, since many sites may contain viruses. I know how to look, but I doubt Yahoo! policy would let me post links to such sites :P. 

    Anyway, whatever file you want to recover, you have to attach the tablet to your PC or Laptop, because that's what's going to do the recoveries for you. 

    Here is a link for suggestions for software that recover data:

    Note: I CAN upload the installation file of the software in question to my Google Drive and then put the link here, but again, I highly doubt Yahoo! policy would allow it. 

  • ?
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    12 months ago

    you cannot recover deleted files from tablets and smartphones.

    amount of time deleted doesn't matter.

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    You should log into your Google account and look at the Drive or Photos apps. Being an Android tablet, you could possibly have had automatic cloud syncing enabled and your photos are waiting on you to find them.

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    Data recovery is possible but it works best the sooner you attempt it after the data was erased. If you regularly used the tablet in those 2-3 years, then it is unlikely to be able to recover the data.

    There are data recovery services where you send in your device and they can attempt to recover the data, but it isn't guaranteed to work and it can be very expensive.

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  • Mark
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    12 months ago

    A 2-3 year old photo is EXTREMELY OLD to you? Oh, dear, pictures from the 1950s must be considered by you to me "prehistoric".

    And yes, you can still download them to another device, and if you can't, it can be done by a computer repair shop.

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