math help please!!! *prob. distribution*?

A box contains 25 marbles, 30% of which are green. A contestant reaches in the box to choose three marbles; the contestant will win $200 if he or she selects a green marble, but will lose $120 for any other colour. If the marble is not replaced each time, is this a fair game? Explain. 

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  • nbsale
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    1 month ago

    You should grade the person who wrote the question "F", since you can't have 7.5 green marbles.

    Also, the rest of the question is poorly worded. Does he get 200 for EACH green marble, or only if there is at least one? I'll assume the latter Does he lose 120 for EACH marble not green, or only if ALL are not green? Again, I'll assume the latter

    Let's assume there are 7 green.

    There is 1 way to get 3 green

    There is 18(7C2) ways to get 2 green

    There is 7(18C2) get 1 green

    Add those up and multiply by 200. Call that A.

    There is 18C3 ways to get 0 green.

    Multiply that by 120. Call that B

    If A=B the game is fair

    If A>B, the game is in the player's favor.

    If A<B, the game is "rigged" against the player.

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  • david
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Your question makes no sense.  30% of 25 is 7.5 marbles...  half of a marble is green?? 

    • layla1 month agoReport

      Thats what it says in my hw assignment.. no idea

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