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During a hurricane, rain fell at the rate of 7(sqrt of 2t)-8t^3 (0<t<0.9)?

a) Find an expression giving the total amount of rainfall after t hr. The total amount of rainfall at t=0 is zero

b) How much rain fell after 1/2 hour?

c) How much rain fell after 4 hours?

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    dr/dt= 7√(2t) - 8t^3

    a. r = (7/3)(2t)^(3/2) - 2*t^4 + C

    At t= 0, r = 0, C= 0

    b. r(1/2)= 7/3 - 0.125≈ 2.21  

    c. The rate is only applicable 0<t<0.9, so t= 4 is out of the domain.

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