What's the consequences for a vet caught selling drugs ?

a vet I know gets Suboxone from the VA purely to sell them as extra income.  I get so mad because people come and beg him to get one so they don't have to get heroin to go to work that day he charges way over street price because he wants to make the most of them and to make matters worse I found out he don't even pay for gas to.get to his appointment at the VA.  He gets checks in the mail for gas .  The entire thing is paid for by the people you and me yet he's charging $15 for every dose with no exception to those in need or detoxing or those who can't afford the dr monthly visit.  I get so mad I want it to stop . I don't want him to lose all his benefits though . what would they do if they caught him .  

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Prison for illegal drug sales, etc.

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