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Does this sound bitter to a guy friend?

I used to really like this guy and I mean crazy about him. He knew it and he loved it and he lead me on, coming over and smiling and acting so sweet to me knowing he was moving away. He didn't even have the manners to tell me he was leaving the country for a few years. Anyway he continued his flirty behaviour right up to when he left and he would come back end of term twice a year and it would kill me. Seeing him, not being able to help my feelings and I felt like my feelings were magnified and really strong even if he just looked at me. Anyway I learnt through someone else that he was after starting a relationship in college with a girl 18 years younger than me and 13 years younger than him. I was crying for weeks. Anyway he had to come home unexpected. He came over and started working out beside me like his old arrogant self, expecting me to pine over him. I could feel him looking at me but I didn't look at him and I walked past him like I didn't see him. I did the same in the coffee shop and he came over while I was with a friend he didn't know and he insulted me and said I ignored him. I diffused the situation but still ignored him after that. I will never befriend him again. We exchanged a few jokey words a few weeks a go as we had no choice, we passed each other in the park. Then he walked by me in the coffee shop which I think was on purpose to see if I liked him again and see if id feed his ego while he waits for the next young chick to come along.

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    Yes. It sounds very bitter. Did HE break your heart or did you break your own heart over him? It doesn't sound like you two were passionate lovers. Just that you wanted to love him. And didn't really get to and are unlikely to get the chance now. And are quite bitter about it and towards him. So, yes. Sure. But you get to make whatever choices you desire about what poison you feed yourself. And it's okay to cut people off who you tend to feel about about yourself when around. In fact, I'd encourage you to only hang with people you really enjoy being around and feel good with.

    What words did he use when he "insulted" you? If it's hard to be around him, then avoid it.

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