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What do you think of these wrestlers?

Alexa Bliss

Ember Moon


Tyler Breeze


Mojo Rawley

Bray Wyatt

Dakota Kai



Montez Ford

Lio Rush


Lince Dorado

Tony Nese

Shane Thorne

Tyler Bate

Deonna Purrazzo

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    Spyro.....how are you?

    Alexa Bliss - Alexa Bliss is certainly among the best talkers in WWE. She is very good at delivering in the mic and she just sounds so comfortable when she is using the mic. Her wrestling talent is certainly not poor but she needs drastic improvement if she wants her singles matches to at least hit the three star mark. She has a decent moveset composed of moves which she can make look easy. Twisted Bliss is a beautiful-looking aerial finisher and I think this should be her main finisher rather than the plain DDT finisher she uses. Insult to Injury just showcases her impressive agility and doing a double knee drop and flipping for another is pretty cool.

    Regarding her main event push, Bliss did fine when she was champion but if she had some really good singles matches then it would be great. Bliss is one of the best looking women in the division and her petiteness doesn't affect that.

    I think this whole pairing with Nikki Cross isn't doing all that well for her. She needs to be paired with someone else where she could be the mouthpiece such as with Ember Moon or perhaps Buddy Murphy.

    Ember Moon - I'll say she ranks up extremely high in the top 30 best women superstars in WWE. Ember Moon is very good in the ring and WWE should use her more.

    Ember has one of the best finishers in WWE and you could also call her finisher the Diving Stunner. Ember might need a secondary finisher she can use because her main finisher still has limits to where it can be used really because performing that move from a small platform with a rather short distance can be very dangerous.

    In regards to mic skills, she is not particularly strong at it. A great thing to do is have her get someone who can promote her. Like with Lesnar and Heyman. Alexa could be a good choice as the ally to Ember Moon.

    Regarding her gimmick, Ember can become a top heel if the execution is excellent. She could create an empire where she and her various followers dominate the entire Raw and Smackdown division and annihilate which ever superstar opposes her empire. This could also led to some kind of resistance led by Asuka.

    EC3 - EC3 is good in the ring, has good mic skills and has a good look for a strong superstar. It is bizarre why he isn't used the way he should be used.

    Things haven't been all that great for him in the main roster and WWE has been using him rather poorly. They first make him into a somewhat silent character who is capable of speaking but gets interrupted, they have Dean pin him and now he becomes a low-carder. In NXT, he was involved in an extraordinary ladder match for a significant title and now he is barely used.

    EC3 can become a great heel and a great champion. He could have a great feud with Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan. WWE needs to use this man and give him a decent push that he needs.

    Tyler Breeze - Tyler Breeze is a good wrestler that excels in being an egoistical heel. Breeze is great as a midcarder and he does deserve a mid-card title where he can be a heel and also uppen the value of the title.

    There's been some comparisons between him and Shawn Michaels and Tyler Breeze could definitely become the next Shawn Michaels if WWE decided to go down that route.

    Tyler and Fandango should have been pushed as more than a comedic act. They are both good wrestlers that can make the tag team division better.

    Walter - Walter the Austrian champion is an extraordinary performer and perhaps the best wrestler that is above heavyweight in WWE.

    Mojo Rawley - Rawley is strong athletically and rather dynamic but he is not on the level of wrestlers like Roman Reigns when it comes to wrestling. He's better as a low-carder.

    Bray Wyatt - Mick Foley and The Undertaker combined maybe.

    Dakota Kai - I think Kai was marginally better as a face than as a heel. Being a heel doesn't suit her and it makes her more generic.

    She's a good wrestler and has some nice moves.

    AOP - The Authors of Pain are intimidating, dangerous and violent all of which is befitting of a heel team composed of heavyweights. Seth Rollins and AOP could become a big stable.

    Andrade - Andrade is a really strong talent that is capable of putting on classics. This man should become a main eventer(or at least a strong mid-carder with a championship) because he is just too talented to be a silly low-carder.

    The Cartwheel Pele Kick is very impressive. His finisher is fine too although it's kind of a simple DDT. The Moonsault Feint where he does a moonsault from the top rope only for his opponent to roll away but Andrade does another moonsault and hits them, is absolutely one of the best signature moves in WWE. Not many wrestlers can do that.

    Apparently, there have been a problem between Andrade and Zelina which could end up in both getting separated. I think that is a very bad idea because they are both a great pair and it would just hurt them both.

    Montez Ford - Ford is a fine wrestler same as Dawkins and the SP are a good tag team. Just don't have that tag team breakup where the bigger wrestler disbands from the smaller wrestler that has happened a lot.

    Lio Rush - Very agile wrestler that makes doing those high flying moves easy. He's decent on the mic and he was decent when he was with Lashley and did well as a heel manager.

    Humerto - Like Andrade, Humberto is a strong talent that can have great matches with wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Andrade, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet and Buddy Murphy.

    Humberto can certainly do well as a mid-carder because wasting him isn't really right.

    Lince Dorado - He was better in the Indies but he does have a lot of talent and has that Lucha style like his other Lucha House Party buds. He and LHP should be more than just jobbers/low-carders because they are really talented.

    Tony Nese - He was a decent champion. Nese didn't really stand out but his finisher sure is a painful looking one.

    Shane Thorne - Not much to say about Thorne. He is decent in the ring but not much interesting about him.

    Tyler Bate - Great talent that is most comfortable in the NXT UK brand. He is surprisingly strong. That Airplane Spin attack is quite awesome and the Tyler Driver 97 is also awesome.

    Deonna Purrazzo - Deonna's good and she can become great but she's still got work to do if she wants to be a regular main roster wrestler.

    Here's some questions that have been suggested:

    "If you were to improve a superstar, how would you improve that superstar?"

    Multiple wrestlers can be listed. Spyro, You don't have to make any list of the superstars. The one answering can name one superstar or a number of superstars then say how you can improve them to make them better.

    "If you were to give a signature/finishing move that a wrestler uses but doesn't have a gimmick name properly suitable for the wrestler, what would it be?"

    To make it more clear. Drew McIntyre's finisher is a rocket kick(proper name) but it's called the Claymore(gimmick name). The Claymore is the suitable proper name for McIntyre's finisher. Now Roman Reigns has a finisher called the spear but it doesn't have a gimmick name for Reigns' finisher. Edge had a spear as his finisher but he didn't name it the rated R Spear, it's just a spear.

    Oh dear, this question that's being suggested can be very confusing.

    Do you understand?

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    Alexa Bliss is the moist talented female on your list, and Bray Wyatt is the most talented guy on the list.

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    Alexa Bliss: Very talented and charismatic. 

    Ember Moon: Undervalued and maybe even mishandled with the gimmick she's currently in.  

    EC3: He should've been an easy home run for WWE.  He's charismatic, has basic in-ring skills, and has a great look.  How is he not a success?

    Tyler Breeze: Tyler's a great midcard act.  He pulls off the Zoolander gimmick well, and Fashion Police is fun, but he's never blown me away in any capacity as a wrestler.

    Walter: He's just a hard hitting, hard nosed, intimidating guy whose had some great matches.  UK is where he should stay because I could see all of that being squandered elsewhere.

    Mojo Rawley: Rawley had potential at one point, but it hasn't been met in any capacity.  Some of that's his fault, but a lot of it is mishandling on WWE's part.  I doubt he'd ever be Daniel Bryan in the ring, but he's got some raw charisma and athleticism that could've amounted to more if molded.

    Bray Wyatt: He's a great wrestler with a great mind for the business of professional wrestling.

    Dakota Kai: Kai could've been Bayley but better, but instead they turned her like they turned Bayley.  She's a charming person, a great wrestler, and I'm fine with them painting in this light i they have a vision for it but so far it feels too close and too parallel to a lot of angles that are happening on the main roster and in NXT.  The whole 'best friends' out of the blue with Teagan thing only for her to turn reeks of what they did with Io and Candice (when they probably wanted to do it with Sane), and the whole knee brace thing is similar to Gargano/Ciampa, so yeah.  I hope the best for her, but right now her run as a heel is just kind of meh for a lot of reasons.

    AOP: I haven't seen the Seth team up yet, but AOP lost all mystique with the Drake Maverick shtick for me.

    Andrade: A great wrestler who could be doing better things elsewhere in wrestling.

    Montez Ford: The Shawn/Booker to Angelo Dawkins' Marty/Stevie Ray.

    Lio Rush: He's matured a lot as an in-ring performer and pulled out some great matches, but he's still got a bit too much indie high spot wrestler in him.

    Humerto: More or less the same as with Andrade.  

    Lince Dorado: Lince's never been a headliner kind of guy, even in Chikara when they tried hard to push him as such.  Lucha House Party is a good fit for him.

    Tony Nese: I'm happy WWE let him shine for awhile, but losing the Cruiserweight Title might as well be an express ticket to retirement or the indies because no one does anything after they lose the belt, unless it's one of those rare occasions where they win it back.

    Shane Thorne: The Mighty was bust in NXT, which is a shame because I enjoyed them on the indies.  Shane was definitely the personality of the team and I do hope he finds something to do on NXT and within the WWE in general.  If anything, he could be a talented midcard act.  Lord knows Mikey Nicholls hasn't been setting the world on fire since he left.

    Tyler Bate: Great wrestler with nothing but potential to get better.  

    Deonna Purrazzo: I haven't seen enough of her to form an opinion.

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    *Alexa Bliss - Her mic work is outstanding but she isn't good in the ring and most of her matches are bad.

    *Ember Moon - It seems as though WWE doesn't know what to do with her. She is a very good worker but bad on the mic and she just doesn't have much fire.

    *EC3 - He failed as Derrick Bateman and now is failing as EC3. I'm surprised he isn't used well since he is pretty jacked, good both in the ring and mic and has a great look. WWE sure has a knack in wasting some talent.

    *Tyler Breeze - Could have become a big thing in WWE but WWE messed up with him. A narcissistic heel who's obsessed with always looking like a "pretty boy" could become great.

    *Walter - Walter isn't even from the UK but he's UK champion in the UK brand? That's so weird. Arguably the most talented 'big wrestler' in WWE.

    *Mojo Rawley - Annoying and is quite untalented in many areas in the business, I agree with Sanji that he should be released and go somewhere else, Impact can take him.

    *Bray Wyatt - DUD

    *Dakota Kai - Ugh Dakota. She's Bayley 2.0.

    *AOP - This guys have potential to become a destructive force in WWE and WWE at least have something to do with them.

    *Andrade - As fantastic as he is in the ring, Andrade is a failure on the mic. His matches with Rey were very very good.

    *Montez Ford - A better version of JTG.

    *Lio Rush - He is comfortable working in a lower league where he can show his surprisingly great wrestling skills. He was awful as Lashley's goon.

    *Humerto - It's Humberto. Very bright wrestler that'll probably end up in the jobber league.

    *Lince Dorado - Booooorrrrrinnnng

    *Tony Nese - 205 Live guy who is okay.

    *Shane Thorne - Booooooorrrrrring

    *Tyler Bate - Very very talented but he is too weak to make it to the main roster.

    *Deonna Purrazzo - She's no pro but she's improved.

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    Alexa Bliss - Oh yeah! So hot and shines on the mic.

    Ember Moon - Underrated, underutilized and underappreciated. They're wasting her on the main roster. That freaking sucks!!!!!

    EC3 - Also getting wasted by WWE and is now a freaking low-carder while people like Corbin are feuding with main eventers.

    Tyler Breeze - It looked like Breeze was gonna do great in the main roster when Ziggler put him over but WWE made him a freaking jobber. At least he's back at NXT.

    Walter - Don't know much about this guy but I hear he's one of the best wrestlers in WWE. He's decent.

    Mojo Rawley - Not good at wrestling and doesn't much to offer, should get released.

    Bray Wyatt - At least WWE is doing something right and bringing a "scary character" that can replace Undertaker.

    Dakota Kai - Ohhhhh Dakota!!!!! Kai!!!!! Why did she become heel!!!!! That sucks a lot!!!!! Turn her back to a face seriously. Dakota is awesome.

    AOP - Both guys should stay as a tag team because they'd do nonsense as a single wrestlers.

    Andrade - He can't talk well but can wrestle well. Should get a mid-card title at least.

    Montez Ford - He's okay. Dawkins too.

    Lio Rush - Horrible manager for Lashley but he's much better now.

    Humerto - Just another guy WWE will send to low-card prison.

    Lince Dorado - Who in WWE really cares about this guy and Lucha House Party? He's lame and should get released.

    Tony Nese - Looks like a guy that'll be as good as Baron Corbin's manager because this guy is so boring.

    Shane Thorne - Boring

    Tyler Bate - Second fiddle to Pete Dunn

    Deonna Purrazzo - Woooooo!! Deonna Purrazzo!!? She's HOT!!

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      Thank you for answering my questions. You also give good answers.

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    I wish I could answer this but I'm not much the WWE follower I used to be.

    I've been a fan of Walter prior his WWE career. I have to say killing the Indies competition and doing MOTYC was his thing.

    Andrade is another young talented wrestler. Worked previously as La Sombra. He already gained a lot of experience by working in Mexico and touring in Japan.

    I have to say, with all the wrestling promotions 2019 as to offer. I like to follow certain wrestlers more than the whole product nowadays since it would take too much of my time watching all of it especially when I'm not that interested in the current WWE product to begin with.

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