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How do I fix me address bar? The drop down is not dropping down.?

When I try to use my address bar it does not drop down and when I type in an address it does not auto fill. All this worked when I went to bed yesterday but today it is not working. I am using Windows 10 and Firefox.

Thank you

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    Sounds like your 'search has been turned off.  

    click the lines upper right, click Options.  

    click Security on the left.  Make sure the following are selected

    Use Address Bar for Search and Navigation


    Provide Search suggestions

    As well as those below it

    Show search suggestions in address bar results


    Show search suggestions ahead of browsing history in address bar results

    IF these are still intact then it may be that someone has deleted your browsing history. Does anyone else use your computer? do they have cause (and permission) to delete history?  Might want to check on this....

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  • 1 month ago

    Open a tab and type in: about:preferences#search

    About halfway down the page, make sure "Show search suggestions in address bar results" is selected.

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