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president Johnsons plans for reconstruction were too radical and thorough for congressional leaders to accept. ?

true or false

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    false. he tried to stop reconstruction by vetoing all of it,

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    False. Johnson's weak Reconstruction policies prevailed until the Congressional elections of 1866. Those elections followed outbreaks of violence against blacks in the former rebel states, including the Memphis riots of 1866 and the New Orleans riot that same year. The subsequent 1866 election gave Republicans a majority in Congress, enabling them to pass the Fourteenth Amendment, federalizing equal rights for freedmen, and dissolve rebel state legislatures until new state constitutions were passed in the south.

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    1 month ago

    No. (not necessarily)

    The main problem was the upset of the Democratic economy. The need for the KKK establishment and  enforcement of Jim Crow laws to keep the minorities in "their place"

    Slavery moved from kept slaves (providing for shelter, food)

    to Wage Slavery, where the worker had to supply their own food, clothing, and dwelling.

    Democratic states also establish Chain Gang slaves*.

    Republican Reconstruction was treated as Federal Government overstepping its limits.

    *Slavery actually, by law, continues in some states as prison "work program" rehabilitation.  (Re: Kamilla Harris debacle

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