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How do i apologize without giving her the wrong idea?

I am a 23 year old man who is 6'2 220 pounds (all muscle) blonde club promoter, and amature mma fighter. I was at a private party, where some mutual friends introduced me to this woman. She is a 35 year old lawyer who came here from India. Shes 6'6 overweight(almost 300 pounds with love handles and belly), and has a thick Indian accent. We ended up having a casual conversation for 30 minutes, she was a very kind and interesting person.

She then says "you are a very interesting and handsome man, do you want to go on a date". I then tell her "why would an obese woman from india think she would have a chance with a blonde muscular guy who is shorter than her" She then nags me in her thick accent "You are being very disrespectful and immature. People are entitled to their preferences, I just asked that is all. Why cant a woman, date a man shorter than her. Grow up and stop feeling superior because you are conventionally attractive."

I was asked to leave the party, and was told I could only speak to this crowd again after I apologize to her. I really did nothing wrong tbh, did she really think she had a chance. I dont want to lose this friend group so I have to apologize, but I dont want her to think she has a chance with me.

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    You could have been polite and just said no instead of what you said. You were rude. It doesn’t matter if she thinks she had a chance and you didn’t. Maybe she thought you weren’t close minded. Just apologize, say you aren’t interested and move on.

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  • 1 month ago

    I think you are both narcissists who suffer from anxiety and depression. Just take some CBD diet cake and everything will be fine.

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