I'm slowly getting paralysed legs from the flu, help?

It's night time here and I am getting a flu or cold, and my antibodies are attacking my myelin sheaths and causing a lot of pain in my legs. Last time a few months ago, I couldn't walk for two weeks. The doctors didn't do anything. Should I try to walk to the doctor tomorrow and convince him that I need to go to the hospital? I think I might need plasma exchange. I still had some moments of complete paralyzation since the last time, so maybe my body is just ruined forever, hence why I need the plasma, or maybe immunoglobine.

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  • 1 month ago

    That is strange. You have an auto-immune attack?

    When was your last vaccination?...ingredience can start an allergy.

    It would be helpful to know what is going on in your body or what other symptoms you have. There are some things one can do to rebuild the myelin layer with food (high doses of vitamin B complex, D, A, C and minerals like from soup with bone broth)

    Take silicon as trace element like from "Enterosgel". 20-30 tabs of Chlorella pyrenoidosa algae daily should be helpful, too. Doctors are not really helpful - I would suggest that you get tested for Lyme disease but doctors only look at you with their x-ray view and say "you don't have".

    So, in one of your other question, you mention that you do not have energy anymore. That could come by a very low level of vitamin D and/or a heavy metal intoxication. Do you eat fish a lot or do you have an amalgam tooth filling?

    Well, one need to check you other questions to get informations. If you still have the leaky gut syndrome you need to change your diet anyway. Buy books by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride and maybe you already have a capable assistant for your diet.

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  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    no you need therapy

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