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whats the worst timefor ticks getting onto dogs fur around noth wales and near sheep and other animals ?


sorry typo meant North Wales

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  • 1 month ago

    Here in the Black Forest area of S.W. Germany the Ticks are most active in Spring and Autumn Hence i dip my stock in late summer and the last days of winter.

     It was the same times in N Wales  at Blackrock Porthmadog where we lived and worked previously to us settling here in Germany though.

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    Source(s): Just an ole Shepherd and his dogs and stock
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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Tick infestations are usually seasonal in the UK between March and June, and again from August to November, but there is still a risk of picking them up all year round..... unless you protect your dogs from getting them...... my dogs have never had any and are around sheep, but I use neem oil on their coats and neem powder sprinkled on their food for the last 30 years....

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    • Maxi
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      If using neem,(oil ONLY extenal & powder internal)  protects them from ALL parasites, no flea treatment, no wormers, Half teasp daily for 1st month, then 1 teasp wkly & oil once a wk as a grooming finish ...and you can make shampoo from the oil

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