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yuvraj singh" he is a famous cricketer. the girl he liked ignored him for 3 years on insta but after 3 years she she is his wife?

she agreed due to his patience and love. do girls really like this kind of a guy


whenever he asked for a meet up. she used to switch off her phone that day! she agreed to him for a meet up after 3 years

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    Like I have said many times before some women just want to know that a guy is genuinely interested in them. Not giving up is pretty good proof that the guy was serious. His commitment and tenacity finally paid off!

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    • arnav1 month agoReport

      in my last message i asked her if she will be there at that time when i  will be coming to her college and then i asked her if she doesn't want me to message her then i won't.she saw it after 6 days but still didn't block me or reply me. should i try messaging her after 1 month? btw she is online rn

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  • 1 month ago

    Money can buy love sometimes I guess..

    • arnav1 month agoReport

      he was famous before only. he had more money before. after these 3 years , he just became fat and less famous

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