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Do men generally avoid eye contact and talking to me because they somehow fear me?

Today I realized that so many men lie trick and use and abuse us women and have no conscience about it.

A man having his eyes or thoughts on me is more like a curse. Better to hide from them.

But even before today, so many males seem to purposefully avoid eye contact with me. And then there are a few who stare like in my eyes like they are in a hazy daze.

I'm a scientist. 


Appreciate your help Chris n , but actually usually I think I've have been pretty trusting of men. 

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    People talking usually make eye contact. Many women also lie, trick and abuse others so it's about even between males/females. You appear to have a rather suspicious nature and probably give off 'anti' vibes. You are unconsciously sending out subliminal messages for people - mainly men - to keep away from you because 'I have to hide from these awful, cheating men'. It's not really much of a surprise that men don't act normally, relaxed or casually with you because you sound rather prickly.

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    maybe you need to ask them this question

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