I'm currently learning Norwegian in East Urban Dialect. Will it be really acceptable if I pronounce R with skarre-R instead of rulle-R?

I'm currently learning Norwegian. As it is known, Norwegian doesn't have any standard spoken language, so basically, the only option for a Norwegian language learner like me is to choose one dialect of Norwegian to learn, which is usually the Eastern dialect (as the one used in Oslo), especially for me, that ain't living in Norway and currently don't even have any idea which region in Norway that I may visit some time.

I got to know that Eastern dialect speakers use the rulle-R (rolling-R) instead of skarre-R (guttural-R) which is used somewhere else, which is quite weird for me to do while speaking this language.

I would personally go with the skarre-R. However, based on what I read in some language learning fora, the speakers in Oslo might find it weird to speak in Eastern dialect with such pronunciation. It also makes me become not affiliated with any dialects (it won't be Bergensk anyway). Having said that, can I still go with skarre-R in this dialect for I really want that my way of speaking will not disturb the natives and make them end up talk to me in English instead.

Thank you :)  

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They might find it a little surprising, but if you feel more comfortable with it, I doubt it will disturb the native speakers. You will no doubt have to convince them to help you learn Norwegian, because of course they will be eager to practice their excellent English with you. Hold firm, though, and you will find them kind and helpful. By the way, your English is also quite good.

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