Is it ok to drink seltzer water while Intermittent fasting? How about adding lime or lemons to my plain water?

I am fasting so I can lose weight. I will be drinking only plain water, black coffee (no milk or sugar) , tea (no milk or sugar), and naturally flavored sparkling water. The sparkling water is by Poland Spring and it only uses stevia and has natural flavors also it's zero calories. I thought it would be a better alternative if I am craving soda.

Also, my fast is from 8:30pm-12:30pm. I feel like by adding zero calorie beverages such as sparkling or seltzer water will help me to stick to my fast easier.


Can lemon or limes cause an insulin spike? Does stevia cause insulin spikes? Just curious. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Seltzer water is fine, just make sure there's no sweeteners, even no-calorie sweeteners. You're not supposed to take stevia while intermittent fasting because of how your body works. Some studies show that sweeteners trick your body into thinking there's glucose in your bloodstream, releasing insulin, and triggering the protein cascade that generally happens after eating (aka your fast is broken). So most people who intermittent fast generally avoid Stevia and other sweeteners. 

    Water, tea, and coffee are fine too. Just be aware of the harms of caffeine if you're not already hooked on it.

    Lemon juice should be fine, as long as you're not adding more than a few drops to each cup of water. Lemon juice has calories, but if you're not drinking a whole lemon within a few minutes, it's not enough to break your fast. A lot of people drink lemon water/tea throughout their fast to suppress their appetite and help them feel more energized.

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