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Does it matter how much water you use to dilute apple cider vinegar?

i hate the taste but i heard it’s really good for you so i wanted to start drinking it but it was still to strong with 8 ounces i was wondering if i could put it in a lot more water so i can hardly taste it without losing any of its benefits

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    Yes, you can dilute it as much as you want. In my opinion though, more liquid is harder to drink. It's probably still going to have a hint of the flavor in it. Your issue may be with the fact that apple cider vinegar throws off the pH of your stomach acid though. It makes it more alkaline (not more acidic), meaning that it neutralizes stomach acid. It can make you throw up, etc. You shouldn't drink ACV within at least an hour of eating or drinking, although food generally stays in the stomach for 5+ hours.

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      thank you!!

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