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Are there any flower bulbs that can be planted in the winter?

I live in the NC/VA area and I'm wondering if there are any bulbs I could plant that would come up by spring/summer? Most bulbs around here need to be planted in the fall, but I didn't get to it and am looking for other options.

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    You can still plant the bulbs now, they might come up a little later in the spring that those planted in the fall, but they will still be okay.  Live in NC so know this from personal experience.

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  • 1 month ago

    You can plant bulbs any time the ground is not frozen. They may flower later than normal though. 

    Mostly the bulb planting guidelines are for people who are using them as annual bedding. Plant them in fall after summer bedding is lifted out, dig them up after flowering in spring/summer so as to put in other bedding plants in their place. If you are planting them as permanent bedding then you can plant anytime the ground is not frozen solid. 

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  • frank
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    No problem. Just buy the bulbs, and keep them in a box filled with saw dust. Keep them in a cool dry place like in your garage.Plant them when grounds thaw.

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