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Being me the horizon amp settings ?

I have a basic orange crush 20 rt. What settings does Lee have the knobs to so I can kind of replicate his sound?

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    He uses a vast range of effects pedals at various times, it's not as simple as "amp settings" - eg. these are some he is known to use:

    Also, as I'd say to anyone trying to replicate a particular guitarists sound:

    The equipment is about 5 to 10% of the overall sound - the rest is that persons individual technique and style.

    Give him a beginners guitar and small amp, he'd still sound like him; you play his stage rig, you still sound like you (just louder..).

    A lot of what makes a guitar sound unique is when combinations of notes are played with some form of distortion (eg. overdrive / fuzz), as that causes frequency mixing and produces tones that are different from the ones the strings are producing directly. The combinations & changes are style, not gear.

    Study his techniques to get the same type of sound. Unfortunately there are no "Lick Library" lessons or other note-for-note technique tutorials, as far as I can see.

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    That band probably doesnt even use amps, dude. 

    Google the terms "DAWs" and "cabinet impulses"

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