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How do you intend to fightback the Islamists if Feminists are able to intimidate you?

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    "How do you intend to fightback the Islamists if Feminists are able to intimidate you?"

    There is no fighting back against anyone at all when we are divided at home.  And feminism clearly divides women against their own men in order to champion "diversity" and "multiculturalism", two goals of the radical, cultural Marxist social change agenda.

    It's the job of feminism to be the gender arm of the divide and conquer mechanism for the alt-Left/cultural Marxists.  The fact that they are also fully on board with all other aspects of cultural Marxism, like this racial division to import others from a foreign culture in order to weaken the existing culture, shows just how far into the alt-Left feminism has sunken into.

    The interesting thing is that both feminists and cultural Marxists, think that they are going to step in and reshape culture and society when everyone is divided.  In reality, they will probably be stomped on by the stronger and more cohesive Islam that has NOT accepted any garbage Leftism, and so is very strong and single minded.  Meanwhile, our men are dis-empowered through feminist inspired division.

    Feminists and the alt-Left will only realize what "oppression" actually means when we are under -that- cultural value system.  And ironically, it will mostly affect the people that they -claim- to champion that will become the most oppressed in real life. (gays, women, lgbt, alternate-family types, pro-abortion etc.).


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    • .Jerry.
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      Now if *I* didn't put up with her childishness to the point where she censored me, then surely no non-Western men are going to be entertaining any similar feminist "power".

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  • 1 month ago

    Islamists, jews, catholics, protestants, buddhists, sikhs.  Why do I need to fight against them?  They don't exist to threaten me.  Feminists on the other hand......

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  • Mandy
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    1 month ago

    You are stupid as hell.

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  • 1 month ago


    ;-) Let the Feminists fight your battles. 😌 I'm tellin' you. My mouth cuts deeper than yours. And it's more powerful than your penis toys (guns).

    No shame in American girls having more sway than the boys. 🤘😎

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