smart ppl help pls!! (math probability distribution)!?

Bicyclist caught traveling 10 km/h or more over 20 km/h are subject to a $500 fine.

a)What percentage of bicyclists will be fined $500?

b)What percentage of bicyclists ride their bicycle with a speed between 22 km/h and 25 km/h?

c)The top 5% of all bicyclists speeding are subject to losing their license. According to the data, what speed must a bicyclist be traveling to lose their license?d)What range of speeds would occur 60% of times? 

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  • 1 month ago

    This isn't solvable without knowing the form of the probability distribution. Is it a uniform distribution? Is it a normal distribution? What's the mean? What's the standard deviation? Is there a diagram.


    Insufficient information

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    1 month ago

    What is the probability that bicyclists are required to have a license or that they will be stopped for riding too fast?  What happens after they lose their bicycle license? Do they have to drive a car?

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