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Why does a guy I'm dating briefly keep wanting to meet?

The question sounds silly but hear me out. I've recently been dating a guy and been on 5 days so far (once a week usually). He is very nice and we get along but we are both pretty awkward and relatively shy so he hasn't made any moves on me yet except on text. 

I know it's mean to say but I dread meeting up for dates I'm still filled with anxiety every time I have to meet him and it seems we are both super awkward at least the first 10 minutes into a date until we get a conversation flowing.So quite a lot he has texted me saying he wants to meet me during college breaks (we go to the same college) but I've been too exhausted and anxious having no time to prepare myself for meeting or spending long time priming etc that I've avoided it as much as possible and made excuses not to. If we are both as the awkward and same level of confidence why does he want to meet me so often?Surely he can't be having strong feelings for me this early in a potential relationship. Does he not feel the same dread as me?He says things like "wish you were here" etc on text (where he has only flirted with me) so I'm wondering if it's just a thing he feels like he is required to do (see me a lot) or with them texts he feels like he needs to flirt there (I cringe at the flirting online but that's a whole different discussion).I'm going to get tested for BDD so keeping that in mind it could possibly be to do with my mentality of myself etc. Any ideas?

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    Guaranteed he’s feeling something of the same thing. Some would call it “the law of state transference.” But it seems highly likely you are the first girl he’s dated, and if he loses that he can’t easily find someone else, so he’s trying to make sure things don’t fall apart.

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      You may indeed be just that available option, but I’m not trying to say he doesn’t like you, but more that you’re pretty much all he knows, so the end of the relationship would hit him hard, and he just feels like it has to work.

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