Does anyone have the route for G1 Exit Test (i.e. first road test) for Smith Falls?

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  • There is no official or specified route. That is at the pleasure of the examiner.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No such thing.  Firstly, there are multiple EXAMINERS & each examiner has their own preferences as to which road routes they decide to use.  It depends on the time of day and day of week and how busy the traffic is that day./road construction or other that will have you sitting in rush hour traffic going NOWHERE FAST.  They try to avoid that.  Idling in one spot is not driving. You are being tested on you ability to drive following what you learned in the manual about the rules of the road.  So chances are sometimes Examiners "shoot from the hip" & say make a Left at the next intersection  and then decide a right left right left left right until they get you to a road for the Parallel Parking test and a different road for the backup in a straight line test.  While they are in your car, they are evaluating your driving skills.  They don't let up for a second.

    Smith Falls or is all the same.

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