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Root canal and sedation?

On Thursday my dentist told me I needed a root canal.

After asking her a few questions, and explaining some things to her in return, she said that I'd be better off being sedated for the procedure, even if it's not typically necessary, for a multitude of reasons, and she decided to refer me to somewhere that would be able to perform the root canal with sedation.The clinic got back to us this morning, and explained how because of the issue of my tooth not yet being 'closed up' because of my age or something, I wouldn't be able to get it done there, and would have to go to a specialist dental hospital in London, as it's apparently more complicated to complete the root canal successfully on teeth that aren't fully developed? My dentist had mentioned this, but had been hoping I'd still be able to go to the clinic she tried referring me to. No such luck.She's said that the only place I'd be able to go is the London place, but there's a problem. She doesn't think they'll be able to and/or let me be sedated for the root canal, which is a big problem. There is no possible way I'd ever be able to have it done without sedation, and my dentist, and doctor, agree.I don't really know what to do about it. She said the London place most likely won't offer or allow sedation, but I won't be able to have the root canal if they don't. 


Complete mistake on my part, just double checked something. My dentist hadn't said the tooth hadn't closed properly, but that the nerve hasn't grown in properly because of my age. Must've totally misheard her, lucky my nan tagged along and actually listened.

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    I worked for a U.K. Dentist and this is garbage. A root canal can be done on any adult tooth, no such thing as not being closed up. Root canals can take  20 minutes or so to complete and I have never heard of anyone being knocked out for it, it's little different than having a filling.

    Your own GP can give you Valium to calm you down but I cannot see anyone giving you an anaesethic for a minor procedure.

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    • max1 month agoReport

      I'm 14 in a couple of months. I know a root canal isn't much different from that. However, it's not as though I've requested sedation or to go to a specialist. It's that my dentist and my doctor both agree that sedation would make things easier in my case, and the specialist is a must. 

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  • 1 month ago

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