Do I have a good shot at Middlebury or Bowdoin College? And info?

Hi! I am currently a high school junior and am interested in Middlebury and bowdoin for college, deciding which to apply ED to. If anyone can testify to these schools/if I have a good chance at either please let me know to make my decision easier. I know they are both very selective and admission is never guaranteed.

I am white, female, upper middle class, competitive public school in MarylandMy GPA is not guaranteed but as of now it’s a 3.9 unweighted and a 4.6 weighted. SATs are still coming back as well but I’m hoping for at least a 1520. 7 aps so far, 5s on two of them (havent taken other 5 tests) senior year course load AP BC calc, APES, AP stat, AP lit, AP French 7, AP Chem and AP Euro. National honors society, French honors society, science honors society.I am interested in majoring in neurosciencei will have an internship for neuroscience at NIH next summer and created a neuroscience blog/journal for teens in my area. active member of the international youth neuro associationI also attended Middlebury interactive languages month long program for French between my freshman and sophomore year. immersive and rigorous program with no English allowed. I’m a 4 year member of the varsity debate team (my school is ranked number one in the state).editor in chief for my student magazine. Im the Vice President and co founder of the democrat club.jv field hockey freshman year, varsity since sophomore year. varsity tennis since my freshman year. marathon runner. Thanks so much!

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  • DON W
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    1 month ago

    Speak to the college counselor at your high school.  They usually can tell you how many students from your school were accepted at each over the past several years, and what their grades and test scores were.  

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