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How can i stop binge eating after a long period of undereating?

I had been under eating for around two months, I was consuming roughly 800-1100 calories a day and I'm 5"11 and female so for myself it was too little. I would also fast sometimes too. After going round to a friends house I ate more calories than I had been consuming and this set me off on a binge. For the last 3 weeks I've been eating between 2500-3000 calories and have put on a ton of weight. I feel sick and ill but I cannot stop eating for the life of me. I want to know whether it's a good idea to fast for just a day to break the cycle? Have you got any tips or tricks to make me break this disgusting habit?

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    This is psychological more than it is a physical issue.  You are bingeing either because you are currently unhappy (stressed, angry, sad, bored, etc.) and or because you are some how uncomfortable or unprepared for being a lower weight.

    The way you stop bingeing is to stop.  

    1. Get rid of the foods you go to for bingeing. If you can't do that completely, put them out of reach or behind a locked cabinet.  Make it hard for you to grab something.  If you just can stop in the moment, you can sometimes recognize the behavior and redirect your energy.

    2.  Stock up on celery, broccoli, and other vegetables.  If you are really hungry, eating these foods is a great option.  If you want to feed your emotions, these foods won't do it for you--and you know you're using food for emotional reasons.

    3. Get some books on binge and emotional eating from your library--or. buy them.  READ them.  Understand what's going on in you head and follow the tips in these books.

    4.  Cut your portion sizes and eat slowly.  It's easy to overeat if you pile your plate and then wolf the food down in an unconscious way.  Make yourself think about what you are eating. Take time to savor and enjoy it.  Stop before you are full and take a break.  You'll probably find that in 20 minutes you aren't hungry.

    5. Understand that you have the power to control your own actions.  It comes down to choices.  Whether it is about eating or doing a chore or making a decision about work, ask yourself "is this choice taking me closer or farther away from being who and what I want to be?"  If it isn't supporting your goals, don't do it. 

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    have a dog to remind you not to

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    Maybe start drinking more water, eat colorful and dark green vegetables more than anything else. Focus on using healthy fats in cooking, eat meats and stop counting calories.

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    simple. you don't under eat. if you don't under eat, therefore you won't be hungry and binge. eat normal. keep yourself busy. if you're busy, you are not constantly eating. but take the obvious lunch breaks. you need to seek out a therapist if you are anorexic. 

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