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When will Greta Thunberg tell msm-governments 'how dare you'...we will be watching you" on elite pedophile groups they cover for?

or not just Greta, but why doesnt' the MSM have a anti elite pedophile media kid darling like Greta? Why is your govt and media so shy to bring the elite pedo issue to the forefront? Pedophile rings are enormous and pervasive among the world's elites:

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    I just thought to look and thought the information would serve the debate well. Greta is probably not looking at her plight in the same way Americans expect. Greta is still 16 unless I am mistaken.


    According to Swedish law, the age of consent is 15 and anyone who has sex with someone younger than 15-years-old can be charged with sexual exploitation of a child, or, in more serious cases, child rape.Aug 29, 2011


    The store has a monopoly on retail sales of alcohol: it's the only place you can buy wine and spirits and beer with an alcohol content above 3.5%. You have to be 20 years or older to buy in stores, though in Swedish bars and restaurants the drinking age is 18. Most towns have one Systembolaget.Jul 12, 2017

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    I'm sure the handlers who are exploiting her will go only where the big money leads them.  Shameful.

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