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Don't you think that non-neurotypical (such as Autism, ADHD or bi-polar) people are discriminated at the start at career opportunities?

Don't you think that the so-called people who are not neurotypical, affected by Autism, ADHD or both are discriminated against in their career choices that let's let an autistic person have to prove that autism is not a mental illness, that Bill Gates almost certainly has ASD that for sure :-), the Wright Brothers had it, and now ironically, let's give it to people in my country Poland, they have to go from psychiatrist to psychiatrist collecting opinions in order to be able to obtain from the Polish Civil Aviation Authority a stamp for their aviation medical certificate that they are sane people :-)

We cold be nerds, have our quirks and being eccentric, but we have the same dreams as rest of people, and wa want sex too :-) we are not asexual altar boys :-)

The same goes for ADHD, they had short tamper yet they could be best friend you could get, and i think American President Trump had ADHD xD

Some people had bipolar disorder, like my older bro he is very good older brother yet had mood swings, and he is a kind of cross between Oscar the Grouch and Doctor Leonard Mccoy from star trek if it come to personality archetype :-) and yet and legendary British PM Winston Churchill yet he helped Brits to go trough harsh time of World War II despite having Bipolar Disorder

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    You say that like not wanting to hire a person with mental problems is wrong.   Most people want to hire the best and brightest.   You you sound like a person in a wheel chair surprised to be picked last for a game of baseball. 

    Let me know who guaranteed you that life would always be fair.

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      You obviously aren't intelligent enough to understand no matter how I try to make a clear point.

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