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If the House approves the impeachment, will the POTUS be able to pass legislation that that requires House and Senate approval?

Never seen an impeachment procrss during my adult life.

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    He would still be the president! For him to get removed from office, it would take 2/3 of the Senate to vote in favour of removing him, until that happens (if at all), he remains in office and has all the powers of president.

    Theres  stages of impeachment

    1- House decides to begin impeachment proceedings

    2- Evidence gathering stage. This is done behind closed doors and the public isn't privy to the discussions, nor can the president take part in them.

    3- Evidence public gathering stage.This is done in the house, it's public/aired on tv, the president can choose to testify, he can hire a lawyer etc, as well as present his own evidence if he wants

    4- The house decides on what to impeach, votes on the grounds

    5- Articles of impeachment are submitted to the House Judiciary 

    6- House votes on whether to vote to impeach or not impeach the president

    7. If the house votes, the trial is moved to the Senate

    8- Senate held trial.

    9- Senate votes to either remove or not remove the president

    Right now, its at Stage 4, heading into Stage 5 early next week! If the vote is to impeach, the trial takes place in January 2020 in the senate. From what I have heard, its going to be a 2 week trial, with no actual witnesses testifying, this includes Trump testifying in his own defence, or involving his lawyer to debate things.

    The house will be breaking for Christmas break next Friday  believe, which means no bills or legislation will be submitted, discussed until House and Congress resume from their winter break in early January. In Jan, Trump can still be able to make executive orders/pass bills etc, as he will still be acting US president. The earliest he would be removed from office would be mid Jan 2020, and that's assuming he's actually impeached with the 2/3 vote.

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    The voting process will remain unchanged.

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  • Jim2
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    1 month ago

    That is already how it works. The house impeaches. Then the senate must decide if they want to actually remove trump from from office.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Under the constitution, the potus isn't able to pass any legislation., EVER, since that's not his job. 

    Source(s): 4th grade social studies
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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Until he's removed from office,. Trump can sign or veto bills.

    And drop bombs.

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