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Friend proposed... If I say no it'll ruin our friendship?

So we started off dating, hit maybe like 2 times, then I found a random condom what wasn't ours so I broke up with him but we stayed friends cause we get along so well. (No I'm not using him I'm financial independent and he hates that I reject financial help.)

6 months later he proposed to me, told me to take a couple of weeks to figure it out.

He keeps his phone upside down and cleans his house every time before I come over (never gave a damn about cleaning back when we were together). He really thinks I'm gonna marry him with hoes in the background.

I may not see them, or smell them, but I feel them in my gut. I'm not sharing no D. I'll die alone in a nursing home before I share some D.

Anyway if I say no so this is the end of our little shenanigans together huh? I mean cause he's a guy and if I'm not putting out I'm kinda useless I guess. 

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    If marriage is a commitment then obviously he'd need to get rid of them hoes in the background. If you don't trust him to do this then keep things the way they are now.

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  • Ana
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    1 month ago

    You can always make a relationship deal with him. You’ll marry him, if he gives you complete and no-questions-asked access to his phone and computer at all times; and he does not cheat on you, ever.

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  • Jerry
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    1 month ago

    "... he proposed to me, told me to take a couple of weeks to figure it out."

    Tell him "a couple of weeks" is far too little time, that you couldn't know something like this until you know his character well and that will take years. 

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  • mokrie
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    1 month ago

    Why are you afraid of just being honest. I like you as my friend but I don't love you so I won't marry you. Simple.

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