My coworker likes me but has a girlfriend. how do i go about this?

So i just recently went out with some co workers to a bar for some drinks and i found out that one of my co workers has a crush on me. I am a guy and she has been in a relationship with another girl for about 2 years. 

Our job is sort of like a chain business with multiple stores and she was originally from a different store but had come to help out my store for a few days about 2 years ago. During those few days we had talked and got to know each other briefly but i had always had a thing for her.

Shortly after that i got a different job until a few months ago when i had to return to work at this chain. To my surprise this girl was working full time at my original store. She re-introduced herself to me as if we had never met but i secretly thought oh of course i know you i couldn't forget if i tried lol.

But after we went out that night for drinks she spilled the beans and told me that ever since that day years ago she's had a thing for me. I was so shocked to find out that for all this time we have felt the same way about each other. But I'm not so sure how to go about the fact that she is in a relationship with another girl. 

I really do like this girl and i would like to see her have what's best and i don't know how i should feel about the situation. She says that the relationship is rough right now and we are going out again soon.

I don't want to be the guy trying to steal another person's relationship and i don't want her to feel guilty either.

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  • 1 month ago

    If you to get together, she will be rebounding. If she's going to break up with her girlfriend, why doesn't she spend some time getting her life back together? She's still going to be emotionally attached to her ex for a while after the break up. So she'd be using you in many ways.

    If you want to date someone who just got out of a relationship, it's up to you. But it rarely works out

    • Bob1 month agoReport

      Thank you for that honesty

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You're a guy and she's in a relationship with another girl?  Move along and take your perverted fantasies with you!  She'll end up leaving you for another girl eventually.

    • Bob1 month agoReport

      Yes, I'm very worried about that.

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