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Besides food and tourist attractions, what are other reasons to visit Europe or are they the only or main reasons?

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    I mean ‘tourist attractions’ is the biggest reason anyone ‘tours’ another country.. otherwise, people also want to experience the cultures and customs, and might even visit family from another country if they have family there

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Assuming you're from the US, the best reason is to understand that there are happy people outside the US who live very comfortably. Observe the people. 

    The history is an interesting aspect (the US is much younger and doesn't have as much). You'll find most European countries to be a bit more cerebral and less TV-oriented than the US. You'll find most Europeans are less loud (remember this), less fat (although this is changing), more laid back and not as fervently nationalistic as the US. You'll find they are generally more accepting of other cultures than Americans. Many differences. If the weather is warm, sit in an outside cafe with a coffee and just watch the world go by. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Well, tourist attractions cover a lot of ground. For Denmark where I live, it can be amusement parks, animal parks, museums, historical sites, landmarks, nature hikes, boat rides, bike rides, all kinds of surfing, beaches, fishing etc.... it doesn't have to be just taking a bus to somewhere, looking at a castle or a sculpture and take a photo.

    It really depends on you and what rocks your boat. If you're a party person, you could stay in one of the bigger cities, hit the night life and sleep all day, if you're a birder you might get up early and go to the wet lands or nature parks. We have a lot of German tourists who rent a summerhouse at the beach and come here to do little more than relax with the occasional excursion here and there. If I'm visiting another country, I also like to just walk about and soak up the atmosphere.

    Each country will have their own to offer of course.

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