Which Pokemon games can SoulSilver trade with?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Soul Silver is 2.5th Gen & was released after the 4th Gen in the series, as they're both released on the DS...

    You can freely trade between Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold & Soul Silver with minimal restrictions.  You may need to unlock the National PokéDex (v4) to eliminate potential issues since 4th Gen runs on a Regional PokéDex while 2.5th Gen runs on the Johto-Kanto combined Regional PokéDex (which is National PokéDex v2), which may require you to complete the game first.

    You can IMPORT from 3rd Gen (Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald) & 1.5th Gen (Fire Red & Leaf Green) into Soul Silver via the Pal Park.  I must emphasize the word "IMPORT" as it will delete those pokémon from that game upon completion of the import into the Pal Park (making it a one-way transfer that cannot be undone) & is limited to 6 pokémon per game per day.

    You will be able to EXPORT (CAUTION: ONE-WAY TRANSFER) the pokémon from Soul Silver to 5th Generation (Black / White // 2) in similar way to the Pal Park BEFORE you can export them to the PokéBank to be used with the 6th (X/Y), 7th (Ultra // Sun / Moon) & 3.5th (Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire) Generations.  There's currently no options to import pokémon into the 8th Generation (Sword & Shield) at this time, but the Pokémon Company is working on the next generation called "Pokémon Home", which will allow you to import all pokémon from the PokéBank, Pokémon Go & the Let's Go series into the 8th Generation.  Pokémon Home is scheduled for an early 2020 release.

    I know this is a little overkill, but I wanted to cover the logical progression here (as it's possible you might want to go beyond SoulSilver in the future).  Hope this helps!

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  • John
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    1 month ago

    other copies of soulsilver, heartgold, diamond, pearl, and platinum. ruby, sapphire, emerald, firered, and leafgreen can all trade up to soultsilver, but soulsilver cannot trade down to them. soulsilver can also trade up to black, white, black2, and white2.

    if you then have a 3ds, pokemon originating from soulsilver can be passed from a gen 5 game to pokebank. from pokebank, pokemon can go to x, y, omegaruby, alphasapphire, sun, moon, ultrasun, and ultramoon.

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  • 1 month ago

    I don’t know for sure, but I think you could probably trade with any Pokémon game on the DS. Wikipedia says you can trade with heartgold and also diamond/pearl/platinum. But usually they can trade with even more, I wouldn’t be superised if black and white work too tho.

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