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Total Uninstall or runasdate app?

Do these apply to apps like CDs and DVDs and not to online apps?

Since the contents of the app are not described, only those who know to answer.

Are they still active?

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  • keerok
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    1 month ago

    Total Uninstall is an uninstaller utility. Runasdate is another utility program that allows you to set when to run a program or script file. You should be able to download these programs somewhere in the internet. They are still available.

    CDs and DVDs aren't apps. They are optical media for storing electronic data (including apps). I can't see how Total Uninstall would be helpful with CDs and DVDs but Runasdate can be used to do something with them if ever.

    • No1 month agoReport

      I got what you described for CD and DVDs. 
      Meanwhile, how about online App such as Asana and so on?

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