Can someone please advice me?

I am living in temporary accomodation. When i fiest moved here i saw rodent poop in the cuboard. I asked them is there a infestation and they said they had sorted it just before iv came to view it. I bumped into a big sewer RAT! It walked past me and caused me too have my first panick attack. I dont know where it went for a day or two. I brought my friend and her sister in law and the rat charged out at her ankles. couple days later i saw a dead baby rat. I keep getting re-occuring fleas, i have had a severe allegic reaction where i had to go hospital. For my panick attack i got transfered to mental health team they wrote a supported letter saying the property is infested with rats and under medical grounds i need to move. My housing officer does not want to move me. Please help 

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