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What to do about this guy?

I work for the event planning team at the firehouse.We get a shirt and coat when we join.I go to my corner store 1 day with the coat.When I go to pay the cashier looks at my coat.He says oh fire girl.He then says I have a lot of matchboxes.Tell them to call me.A Week later I go back he says i'm still waiting for the call.Forward to Halloween night.My girl goes in to buy cigs.I see him so I wait outside.She came out and said he's looking for you and says your a liar.Forward to a few weeks later my GF went to the store.She wasn't back for an hour.I ask her where was she?She says he was asking for you.He says he has matchtrucks he wants to sell to the house.He also says your a sleeze.Forward a little bit.My mom and I go to the store.I say text me if he's in.She texted and said he's not here.I have missed him 3 times so I thought he quit.Until 2 weeks ago.My mom,GF and I go in.We see a guy in reg.clothes.Then I realize it's HIM! He starts coming down my aisle so I turn the corner.I hear him say where's the crazy 1?Why she hiding from me?I saw her.Had to come out.My mom says look she doesn't work for the FH anymore.He then says so you couldn't give them my name?He then tells my mom your girl's a LIAR and even points a finger at her.He says here's my name and number.But I know you lie a lot.I talked to the FH.They said no.But tell him that he'll call me a liar.He basically stalks me to the point where I avoid it at all costs.Do I keep going to the farther stores just to avoid it?

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    Report this to the police. This has gone too far and is considered harassment. Don’t let anyone treat you like this. 

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