I have a question about false advertising.?

If someone advertises lets say... a shirt as a Limited time only for an event on their website, the event then ends, and a year or so later they restock it with a minor change, is it considered false advertising?

For example, A game company sells a shirt that's limited time during their 1 year anniversary, claiming on their website that once it sells out it will never return. The design takes up most of the shirt, and it sells out. Then during their second year anniversary they restock the shirt with the same design, but it's smaller than it was from the original shirt. Could that be considered False advertising? Keep in mind that this is a hypothetical situation, I'm not asking for any legal advice as that is against the rules. All I want to know is if the hypothetical situation above would be considered False Advertisement.

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  • 2 months ago

    You can't be for real.

    You said it was a different, "smaller than it was from the original shirt."

    So if a company uses a logo on a shirt and says the design is exclusive, they can never use that logo again, or it's "False Advertising?"

    You clearly have an axe to grind. Nobody would care. And no, it's not false advertising.

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    • Rivejix2 months agoReport

      and in terms of "Why ask then for such a stupid reason?!"

      So that way when I tell em that it ain't.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago


    • Rivejix2 months agoReport

      10/10 answer

      5 stars of service

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