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Any advice on how I can make my situation better?

I’m 18 and I live with my best friend and his mom. They were nice enough to let me stay there rent free because I’m basically family since we’ve known each other since 2nd grade. I’m very grateful they did that for me. My parents are struggling right now. They live in a house owned by their friend and he charges 250$ a month to live there, which is fine. But my parents have low paying jobs and are barely able to get by. Thing is, I have a low paying job as well. I really wish I could help them out. Money would literally solve all of our problems right now. They’re also using my car because their’s broke down and they got rid of it. We have to keep making payments on it that we’re barely able to do. My parents also don’t have much food at all. My mom cries every night wishing things would get better. Do you have any advice to help me out? I would really appreciate it.


My mom got nursing license suspended a while ago and it getting it back in the first half of 2020, so that’s good.

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    Consider carefully that there might be a spiritual root to your family's money troubles.....

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    I have to tell you that money would not solve all of their problems. It just doesn't work that way for anyone. You have to look at how they got where they are. $250 is ridiculously low rent. I know kids who could pay that. Two adults working even min wage should be able to make that work. If their income is that low, they should be able to qualify for some assistance, food stamps for one. Until then there are food banks, town trustees, churches and other helping agencies. Call your local courthouse for a list.

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    I'm really sorry this is your situation. Usually money problems are some of the most complicated to fix. If they could be fixed by asking through Yahoo Answers then a lot less of us would be poor. Your only hope is to go to college, get your degree and get a higher paying job. Maybe then you can come back and help your parents out once you make a higher income. Other than that there's not much.

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