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One of my friends who I kinda have feelings for sent me a snapchat out of the blue of an inside joke w/ us and then left me on open later..?

We have gotten closer this year and we always flirt in person but he has never gone out of his way to send me a snapchat or talk to me everyday so I never thought he liked me. Our class we have together is only once a week and thats usually the only times we see each other. So today when I saw he sent me a picture over snapchat I was excited but confused. It was a picture showing off just an inside joke between us but it meant he had to be thinking of me randomly to send it. So the fact that later in the day he just leaves me on open pisses me off because what is he doing? Can someone please help lmao I don't like these games and clearly if he liked me he wouldn't just randomly snapchat me and then ignore me but why send something in the first place....

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