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I have to use my PC in high contrast mode, is this normal?

When I try to set at my desk and use my PC I have to use it in high contrast mode due to eye strain.

I usually do the black background and green text high contrast. It is a whole lot easier on my eyes,

I turn the high contrast off when having to work on a word document.

Is this normal?

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    please see your ophthalmologist [eye doctor]. this is NOT normal

  • 9 months ago

    Needs are all different, so just use whatever settings you find most helpful

  • 9 months ago

    Since your eyes and brain are unique to you (not shared with anyone else), the only reasonable answer is---what works for you seems good enough.  If not satisfactory, consult an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

    Cannot judge your visual acuity or eye health history from a distance.  Also, with no idea what device you are looking at (some "PC" running some display) from an unknown distance with unknown lighting surroundings, no way to guess.

    Source(s): Using computers since1962, video screens with them since 1973, computer graphics and flight simulators since 1984, computer classes college instructor, manufacturing engineer for electronics and laser optics.
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