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I want a makeover any suggestions?

I'm wearing makeup in my photos but it's "natural makeup" and I'm wearing 18 inch hair extensions, should I try 16 inch extensions instead? Maybe a different style or color? 

BQ: What type of person and woman do I come across as? I'm curious to know what vibes I give off. 

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    You have good bone structure, nice smooth skin & eyes and near-perfect lips. I used to work at Saks Fifth Ave. You look like one of the makeup consultants there. add a hint of rouge for your cheeks and a little darker for your lips, but do not use a lip liner. They are already nicely defined. Do some eyeliner and light mascara on the lashes. Add a natural darker brown eyeshadow and you would look like a celebrity. You have a confident look about you, like you are the boss, but smile more!

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    1 month ago

    you look like a mom in her late 30's and for a makeover, I would wear like eyelashes or get eyelash extensions or maybe you could get a bob those are always cute! instead of hair extensions

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