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Why did this girl who told me to leave her alone claim I rejected her after I proceeded with what we she said for 3 weeks. Now I’m bad guy.?

My roommate told me how she informed him that I rejected her, but he knew the truth  that she rejected me and I moved on. Now she acts like I left her in the dirt, seems like she didn’t expect me to take rejection that well, and still wants my attention I feel. Now I’m a black sheep for no reason in my school lmao.

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  • Teal
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    6 months ago
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    Could she be interested in your roommate? He would be more likely to give her a chance if he thought you were the one who rejected her. She made it sound harsh for sympathy and to encourage him to comfort her. But her reasons don't matter. You don't owe anyone a chance, so even if she was telling the truth you did nothing wrong. Use this as an opportunity to cut off people who are immature and can't mind their own business. It will all blow over soon.

    • Eddy6 months agoReport

      I think she was but my roommate was already taken and ready to graduate. He would also tell about her requests of just saying hello to her again, but I feel I shouldn’t give in to her like that. I would over hear things from her friends like, “you like him”, giving me the impression of un-approval. 

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    That's what juveniles do.

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