The guy I have a crush on has a brother who is a women trafficker and doesn't want me tobe with him?

WHe is ashamed of his brother and they argued because he told him 'I'm not going to accept your dirty money in our house', they fought and he went away from home. He doesn't even talk to his own family because they all support his brother  (he is 22, the brother is about 27). One day he broke down after I told him I loved him and said 'you can't be with someone like me... your parents will never approve of us'. I said 'they know you're not like your brother' but he kept saying he has a bad reputatiom because of his  brother and my parents wont let me be with him. Actually he's right, my dad doesn't like at all the idea of marrying me to a house where one of their sons sells women. His brother even got arrested but then released when the girl told them he was her boyfriend. They have even a child together, a child that my guy refuses to hold and cuddle, and for his birth he didn't even send a message to his brother.

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    If he doesn't want to be with you this is all kind of a moot point (as you can't force him to love you). But statements like "marrying me to a house" are truly putting the lowest of low expectations onto this guy. Like he's never going to grow up and move out. He's 22 and many people are still stuck at home at that age due to finances. But surely by about 25 he intends to be financially independent and not living with this criminal brother. Won't matter to you as he doesn't want to date or marry you. But at least give him some credit for being able to someday free himself from this mess.

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