Do I have lymphoma?

A few weeks I found a thicc lump behind my ear and thought nothing of it and brought it up with a couple worker and instantly thought it could be cancer when she saw it and I talk her out of it, it’s currently the size of maybe a headphone tip (the part that goes in you ear) and now I am starting to worry since I am starting to get a persistent rash under one of my armpits even though I have not changed hygiene products for maybe a year now? For some reason as well my bed time has been getting later and later and i used to fall asleep around midnight to 1 am and now I usually fall asleep around 4-6am not sure if this is related tho?

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  • 1 month ago

    WHY does everyone jump to cancer??? Instantly thought of cancer??? Its a lymph node, and that is not where the lymphoma sentinel nodes comes.  We have these all over our body and their job is to  be a house for infection fighting cells.  You have a small or large infection and they pop up more.  Sleepiness has nothing to do with lymphoma.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I seriously doubt you have lymphoma.  On that ear thing, what do you mean by "thicc"?  I've had one since I was about 12 that's pea sized.  It just popped up one day and never got any larger.  I wouldn't call it thick, though.  It's just tiny and round.  On the rash, is that the same side of your body as the ear thing?

    I wouldn't worry too much unless that lump or whatever starts to grow.  In that case, you do want to see your doctor.  You'd also want to see your doc if you check armpits or groin and there's any swollen nodules in there.  But really, even if this happens, it could easily be an infection.

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