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if you can get a good job with any bachelors degree they why do I feel that everyone wants to do nursing?

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    That makes no sense?  A bachelors degree in philosophy will get you a job as a waiter.  

    Nursing is a good field because there are nursing jobs everywhere and it pays well.


    My neighbors daughter graduated top 10 in her class from high school.  Graduated from the Savanah School of Art (SCAD is to art what Harvard is to law) in 2008, she came back to her job as a checker at the local grocery store.  Since she's moved all the way up to the customer service desk selling lotto tickets.   Hows that $150K education working for you?

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    Nursing has an abundance of jobs and has over 300 subspecialties... I really can not think of any other major where you can change up your role so drastically without having to go back to school. 

    Ex: If I hate working ER, then I can change specialties to OR... or whatever. 

    Also, nursing is a HARD job and very underappreciated field.

    Just because a lot of people are majoring in nursing doesn't mean anything, because we have a large nursing shortage. It seems like people go into nursing with the wrong intentions... aka for money & job security. These are the people that tend to quit nursing altogether in a few years though.    

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    A bachelor's degree does not equal a good job. It is important to major in something that will be marketable and provide a useful skillset. Of course it's important to major in something that you're passionate about but that is why there are minors. Major in something significant, such as STEM or business and minor in something that you find interesting.

    A nursing degree is sort of a guaranteed job out of college because the school will often find clinical placements for their students. Not to mention, there are many options for nurses. You don't have to just work in a hospital. You can become a traveling nurse and work in different clinical settings. Or you can further your education by obtaining an MSN and become an independent nurse practitioner. The options are endless. The same can't be said for a bachelor's in art, for example.

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    Neither parts of your statement are even true.

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    You can't always get a good job with a degree, there are only so many good jobs.

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    One reason is that nursing is an occupation that is probably going to grow and will provide opportunities for career advancement while also letting the people who choose it (nurses) to do good for others.

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    It's untrue that you can get a good-paying job with any bachelors degree.

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    I don't know why you feel everyone wants to go into nursing.

    I don't know anyone who wants to be a nurse.

    Having a bachelors degree does not mean you are going to get a good job.

    You have to get a BSN to be a nurse. 

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    < if you can get a good job with any bachelors degree >


    You can't unless you consider fast food in that list of 'good jobs' as many arts graduates have found out.

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    It's much easier to get a high paying job with a four year degree in subjects like nursing and engineering.  It's harder if your degree was in psychology.

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