Did you have need to apply Vaseline to anything to-date in 2019?

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    1 month ago
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    Sure. We probably have three small jars of it.

    Workshop, great for loosening rusted parts, screws, etc. and preventing rust. When we assembled steel shelves recently, we used a tiny bit with every screw inserted. We learned our lesson taking those damned shelves apart at the other end. (We've moved recently.)

    Kitchen, keeps jar lids from getting stuck, even molasses, honey or corn syrup. Keeps those sticky ingredients from clinging to a spoon or measuring cup, so the entire portion goes into the recipe. (A dot the size of a popcorn hull coats the inside of a measuring cup; a teaspoon takes the merest trace of the stuff.) Keeps plastic joints from sticking, like the basket on the coffee maker that swings out.

    Bathroom, best lip softener and nail moisturizer around. Shines chrome and keeps it from hard water marking.

    What I don't use it for is anything sexual. There are better products.

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  • 1 month ago

    I never use Vaseline for anything.

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