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What’s the likely chance I will be fired for saying this?

I posted this on a Facebook group that had people hating me that then caused them to make numerous complaints to the company I work for. “ I have not learnt from my numerous mistakes and believe me being sacked is the only logical option” I also stated the company I work for that the got a supervisor to tell me that I brought the company in a bad light.

I’m actually a hard working employee who never really did anything wrong and that I was only being bullied, which is why I career suicided by stating that message on Facebook.

I’m currently suspended with Kay and will be attending a meeting tomorrow with people from higher management.

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    You'd have to tell us what was actually posted to receive an objective and accurate assessment of the content. A very general "I was being bullied" isn't overly helpful.

    If you really were being bullied in the workplace and are subsequently fired as a result of expressing your disdain for being treated in such a manner, then you may have recourse to sue the employer. This can be both for unfair dismissal and allowing a hostile work environment to perpetuate.

    Since this event hasn't occurred yet, then I recommend you not use it as a threat. If they're intending to let you go, then they will find some valid future fault and use that excuse instead.

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    New day, New account.  I'm not surprised to hear that you just can't shut up. How are random strangers on the internet supposed to know if you're going to be fired?

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    Just go on Centrelink. 

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