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Question for people on ADHD/ADD meds?

I've taken adderall recreationally {though i AM diagnosed with ADHD) (I don't anymore) and i'm afraid now that i'm starting meds in a month that they wont work since i've taken them in higher doses (20/30 mg). what is the best ADHD medication that is good for long term AND shows significant improvement. I know we're all different, im asking for personal experiences with different meds.

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    Unfortunately no one can answer that question. Everyone's body chemistry makes them react differently to a drug. So what might be great long term for one person, may actually not help you at all. It's about trial and error and you need to keep your doctor updated about the effects the drug is having on you. if it doesn't work, (regardless of intolerance or not)  she may prescribe you with something else or up your dose. (For me, Ritalin works great)

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