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Is this a bubble nest?

Is this a bubble nest or did the filter create this huge clump of bubbles? Is it good that my betta blew this many bubbles? Why are they white..?

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    Yes that is what a bubble nest looks like.  It doesnt mean that much.  Sick betas blow/make bubbles and health bettas blow bubbles.  It does NOT mean that your fish wants or needs to breed or have a female in the tank!

    It is good that you have the broud leafed plants that allowed him to make the nest.  

    dont let the nest stop you from cleaning the tank as usual.  He will build another nest.whithout looking it up, i assume the white is some kind of mucus. Got have some kind of bodilly fluid to stick the bubles together.  

    • Betta Girl1 month agoReport

      Thank you!!! I’m glad he is healthy, he has made about 3 separate bubble nests, all very large and with multiple layers of bubbles!

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