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Luke Harper left wwe?

What was the main reason for Harper's departure from the company was it his character being disliked by himself and wanted his brodie lee character back or was it that he's been sidelined from wrestling and will he join aew pretty soon?

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    I think he probably felt like he deserved more than WWE were giving him and im not gonna lie I have to agree with him.

    I always preferred him over Bray and thought his singles run in 2014/2015 with the IC title was great and showed he had alot to offer and I think they really missed the ball with him, he could of atleast been a very successful mid carder but I also feel like he could of been added to the match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33 even if he wasn't too win it.. There was no harm in having him there but WWE sort of just treated him as Brays sidekick.

    Unfortunately he is now 40 and whilst not being old I don't think a company will invest the time to make him a main event star at that age.. if your someone like Jericho or AJ Styles where you are already at that level then no big deal but Harper I feel it's 5 years too late 

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    Yes he's headed to AEW finally

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    Nobody and will continue to be a nobody. Non story

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    His character was working anymore.

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    I read an interview with him and he said that he was never going to be a top guy.  WWE was happy with him being a mid-carder and they weren't going to ever let him go any higher.  He felt that since he wasn't going to become a main eventer then what was the point?

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    WWE did absolutely nothing with him.  Let this sink in, WWE has done more with Eric Rowan than a 6'5" guy who could do a perfect suicide dive through the ropes.

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    Why is he gone? Because in all the time he was there he generated no buzz from the fans. He didn't sell tickets. He didn't sell merchandise. He was a dime a dozen big man. His biggest moments were as Daniel Bryans sidekick. 

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    They have nothing for him creatively other than sticking him next to Erick Rowan.

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    He was sidelined with an injury … Returned … Then sidelined with an injury again.

    WWE Creative probably has no idea where to place him on the roster and who he should  feud with.  I would have requested for my release also.

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    He was a bad's a good thing that happened to WWE

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